Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Is your child's room aptly decorated?

CurtainsIt is rightly said that a child is the father of man. And the coming generations prove this fact all the more better. Each and every child knows with precision about his likes and dislikes, his wants, his areas of interests at a very tender age. This is actually good in a way. So it is again a better idea to provide the child with such an environment that concurs with his or her interests. You can start this with a very basic way – by aptly decorating your child’s room.

Generally, it is the tendency of most of the parents, that, they sideline the importance that the room holds for a child. They indulge into great interiors for the different parts of the homes – from the smallest lobby to drawing areas to living rooms. Curtains follow a theme, artifacts are aligned with the theme, wallpapers, carpets, upholstery everything goes with the theme. So if you are investing so much time in the other areas, why to spare your child’s room? Is it just because he is only a child, he might not have a clarity of his choice? Or probably children tend to create a mess, we can think of revamping their place once they behave like grown- ups?

wallpapersBut don’t you think it will be too late then? It is a better idea to make your child understand that how much you care for him or her, make your child conversant with his or her likings by providing the right atmosphere for him to play, to study, to recreate or simply to relax. Remember, this might not cost you much but your child will become happy to find a corner that would be his own. All you need to do is get curtains that show his favorite cartoon character or scene or get his favorite color. If he likes outdoors, then get beautiful wallpaper that has a landscape or any other activity your child is interested into. All this sounds very simple and it is actually very easy to do all this. So when are you planning to get your child his/her room aptly?

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Making Smaller Rooms Larger with Designer Touch-II

In the previous edition of “Making Smaller Rooms Larger with Designer Touch”, [Add the link of the 1st blog] we have shared different tips upon how to make the smaller rooms look bigger. By playing with certain tricks in the available space, a visual effect can be created that not only brings the designer feel but also makes the room look spacious. Continuing with the same, here we are again with some expert tips by expert designers; have a look at them:

·         Choosing Color:
Colors have great power of playing with the space. Where warmer colors make a space cozy & compact, on the other hand, the cool colors give a vision of enlarged space by making walls recede. White color in that case is good to make the room look bigger, lighter, & airy. To add the special element, you can pair the white walls with the tones f earthy neutral & blue, as this would give a beach-like, seaside vibe.

·         Being Bold:
When it comes to playing with the space, no doubt, furniture plays a great role, but have you ever played with its boldness. Choose drama & color while selecting the furniture and go bit over-sized, as this would also give a spacious effect. With embracing the space with such bold look, nobody focus upon the space & rather pay attention to the elements placed in the room.   

·         Playing with pattern:
Trick the eyes by playing with patterns in the room. With patterned wall coverings and rugs or carpets, you can create a connection in the walls & floor that would give a bigger feel. But do remember that whenever you play with the patterns, then avoid getting the furniture in similar pattern.

·         The lightening effect:
Wall CoveringsNow pop up the lights in the room and make it look bigger. Emphasize upon the high ceilings with lights & for this, you can use chandelier. Also, to play with light, mirrors give great help. Here’s a trick with mirrors that you can follow. Place a symmetrical arrangement for the mirrors & apply the mirror directly to the wall surface & use moldings as frame. But place them smartly where there is a beautiful spot to be reflected.  

So, here you have all the tips to make your small look graceful, bigger, and designer. All the best and execute them smartly.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Graceful summer styling for your living room

When redecorating any room, most people become overwhelmed by the amount of choices there are on the market...seemingly for every little thing you could possibly think about.

Two of your biggest choices are your wall coverings and carpet. These two features alone can change the whole feel of the room, give that needed update to a tired room and accentuate features already in place. However carpet and any wall coverings can have the opposite effect and make the room totally ghastly!

When considering wall coverings, imagine what they will look like in different lights – natural, electric and shadow/night. This is easier with paint as you can have sample pots and try different areas of your wall, but when it comes to wallpaper it’s a little harder to have in situ. Stick at trying as it is important. With a living room you want it to feel welcoming, calm, relaxing and delicate so avoid strong colours as these may be hard to match to.

People seem to have forgotten about wallpaper as a wall coverings option. Please don’t fret – wallpapers of yester-year have disappeared, bringing new, better quality options in their wake. There are different thicknesses and patterns to choose from so have fun with it.

Summer brings us sunshine, warmth and fun so try to reflect this with your living room. Lighter colours (but not too light as they will become cold) on your wall coverings can help to achieve this. Stick with warm colours such as the reds, oranges and yellows (making sure they aren’t too bold or garish). You can hit on the white option for your wall coverings but make sure you accessorize with warm colours, and try to get a rich coloured carpet to match.

If you are heading in the ‘summer’ colours direction I mentioned above, then your best idea for a carpet is either a different colour of these (for example – you have chosen beautiful red walls, try to get a muted yellow or orange carpet) or stick with white, but if you do this, do remember – white is terrible to keep clean and looking new!

Wanting a graceful, yet stylish living space is achievable. Just realise your options for wall coverings and carpets are endless. Choose wisely and you will be rewarded.