Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Making Smaller Rooms Larger with Designer Touch

Do you have small bedrooms at your home which are not letting you experimenting much with the designer feel? No worries, we have come up with exclusive tips that you can use in your small rooms and give them a larger feel and that too with designer affect.

The tips for your small rooms are:

·         Horizontal Effect:
Visual tricks play a crucial role when it comes to playing with the space. If you have to make a smaller room look bigger, then firstly keep the horizontal theme into your mind and plan accordingly. You can use horizontal wooden planking on the walls & similar carpets on the floor. Also, if you are on low budget, then get the wallpapers for the walls in horizontal patterns. This would really work well and would create a feel of larger rooms.

·         Combine the outdoors:
You are really lucky if your bedroom has access to outdoor space. You can beautifully maintain the connection between the outer space & the room. What you can do is use beautiful window treatments or draperies with selectively chosen upholstery to pull a panel. But be careful while selecting the height of the draperies; they should not touch the floor and allow to see the continuity of the floor under the panels.

·         Matter of art
If you have something else to focus upon in the room, the perimeters of the room are hardly noticed. Yes, for this, you can choose certain piece of hanging art for the walls that would give an effect of expanded space, but yes, do not overdo it by covering all the walls.

·         Highlighting height:
http://curtain.com.sg/upholsterySome rooms have high ceilings; if yours also have the same, then better take full advantage of it. For taller rooms, one of the best tips is to get beds with good height, as it calls attention to the volume. You can use wooden four poster bed to call the attention in this case.

There are more tips for you. to read more click on “Making Smaller Rooms Larger with Designer Touch-II” http://curtainsandupholstery.blogspot.in/2013/05/making-smaller-rooms-larger-with_4.html

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