Thursday, 8 August 2013

Styling The Interior Décor Of Hotels & Resorts

Hunter Douglas
People always think about vacations as a relaxing time. They book hotels & resorts to spend some relaxing time out of home, away from the stressful work and just chill out. However, these hotels & resorts have to make special arrangements to make their guests have a relaxing time. Today, we have the tips for the hospitality industry on how they can make the interiors of the hotels & resorts magnanimous.

Here’s what you have to do:

The First Step:
Start with the thinking process. Think about the unique theme with which you would like to welcome the guests. The theme should be such that the visitors or guests get soothing feel as soon as they make their first step inside the hotel. You can pick up lively theme, colorful theme, environment theme, or you can also show creativity and play with different things like mirror. The tourists visit different country during vacations to explore a new life, and if they’ll get to see the beginning from where they would be putting up, then it is great from promoting tourism aspects.

The Second Step:
Next step is of execution of your planning. You now have to work upon styling the interiors. You can creatively use the upholstery to give a unique touch to the interiors.  There are several curtains, blinds, wall coverings, and hunter douglas, which you can creatively use to style the ambience. Never sacrifice upon the quality when making purchases, as your guests from high status would not appreciate that.

The Third Step:
UpholsteryYou can say that this is the final touch, which you would have to give to the interiors. Once you are done with the walls, windows, & furniture in the second step, you have to shift your focus towards the flooring part. Use different carpets, rugs, & mats for the grace in the ambience.

At every step, you will have to add your creative input so as to come up with elegance & freshness. If required, you can ask for help from each & every staff of the hotel for contributing in re-decorating the hotel with their relevant inputs.

Additional Tip: While styling the décor, think from the aspects of the guests. Choose only those aspects that would please them.

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